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On Thursday 2nd January 2014, when we had our twelve week scan for our first baby, I decided to take a photo every day. That's right. Every day. This new, wonderful chapter that I had dreamed of was about to happen and I was not going to let it pass me by. I'm not a massive fan of getting in photos but I knew that if I didn't do this, I couldn't turn the clock back.
There were cards sent from my brother and I that he had written because I was too young to be able to, and even cards from my grandparents to them. How can a collection like this ever be thrown away? At the moment it can't. Perhaps there will come a day when I will be able to. Perhaps not.
There are Christmas cards. And there’s Tony Blair’s Christmas card... “Leave him, Tone! He’s not worth it!” Still, if you
The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge have released a photo of their eight-month-old son ahead of their tour of Australia and
Carra Sykes is a 24 year-old freelance graphic designer/artist living in North Carolina. She's also a photographer - and
If you thought that the Awkward Family Photos phenomenon was a recent invention, think again. For as our slideshow below