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I've always loved history because I'm naturally nosey and find it fascinating exploring the way people lived in the past and discovering the individuals who make up the bigger historical picture.
Every so often in my family tree research I come across a seemingly random name hidden amongst the usual array of Titfords, Masseys and Stockers. Inevitably this leads to a bit of a detour, but quite often it can prove to be a rather fruitful journey.
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When I first began researching my family tree I relied on all sorts of documents in order to piece together a picture of who my ancestors were and what their lives had been like. Birth, marriage, census, occupation, criminal, death and many other records can be accessed relatively easily online, and as such it didn't take too long to start piecing together a factual picture of my ancestors.
There is one question that seems to pervade genealogy today. It is this: 'How do we get the next generation 'into' genealogy?'
If you’ve ever been curious to know more about your family history then now’s your chance. The story of your family’s past
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Researching your family tree will take over your life, if you let it. It can also drive you slightly crazy if you don't keep organised and focused. Although I'm still something of a novice, here are my six vital survival tips that should help you at the start of your ancestry journey.
It was after my Granddad died in July 2010 that I began to become interested in researching my family history. One day I just realised that, even though I had lived with him for 20 years, I had never asked him about his parents or grandparents or what it was like growing up in Ireland in the 1930s.
My main motivation behind researching my family tree is wanting to understand how I got here. Who put me here and where do I come from? Beyond my parents and grandparents, who came before?
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