far cry

Game developers are not shy to take a stand on a variety of issues and provide commentary on everything from racism to mental issues to police brutality.
This is not an isolated experience. At every moment in Far Cry 4 it is clear that some kind of animal is just waiting to
With Far Cry 4's release date set for the 18 November on Xbox One and PS4, the reviews have started to creep in -- and already
Sony had arguably one of the best console launches we've ever seen with the PS4; sales were good, the games line-up was solid
Far Cry 4 is already proving controversial, but let's face it it's also looking like brilliant fun to play. Eschewing the
If you can actually make it through to the end of this trailer without wincing then we're impressed. Mortal Kombat X is the
Who would win in a battle between 100 armed men and 100 ferocious bears? Obviously we will never know - such a thing would