"I can't afford to buy myself a house or rent. The little I earned as a farmworker, I used to put my children through school," said one woman in Stellenbosch.
'Farmers are not making enough money because they are selling their harvests for a low cost, and it costs a lot more to grow the crops.'
It's not often you meet someone who inspires you, the way Carole Webb inspired me, but earlier this year I was privileged to meet this wonderful lady and all her animals - including Moonbeam, George, Blossom and Jack. Spending time at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary confirmed to me, just how intelligent and gentle, farm animals are.
A Belgian architect thinks he's solved the problems of over-crowding and a lack of food in the cities of the future. With
Sometimes when the stars align in just the correct manner something like this will happen. An extraordinary piece of timing
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