I would suggest that usage of the term fascist to describe Daesh would best be understood as a label that should be hung around the neck of those who wish to hang it around the neck of others.
The ghost of Oswald Mosley is walking amongst us in Britain, and like any good ghost story, it should send a chill down our collective spine.
One of the former leaders and co-founders of the English Defence League has apparently stated that he is ready to hand himself
One of the former leaders and co-founders of the English Defence League has been found guilty of a violent botched robbery
Does partisanship know no bounds? Is it impossible for liberals and conservatives to see ambiguity? Can we focus on healing the wounded, instead of hurling hurtful words at ideological 'opponents'?
Whether or not Di Canio verbally or physically expresses extreme views is not really the point. Why should someone whose political leanings give credit to those who support intolerance to the point of persecution be allowed to operate unchecked? So what if Di Canio's previous right-wing rhetoric might be deemed 'soft-core'?
Oxford and Cambridge Universities have an awful lot in common. And last week was no exception. By inviting polarising political figures from the left and the right - George Galloway and Marine Le Pen, respectively - both institutions reaffirmed what is at once perhaps the most sacred and the most imperilled of all our values: the freedom of speech.
As startling images of Greeks struggling to get bags of free distributed vegetables make the headlines in the international media, it's becoming evident that the crisis in the country has now overpassed vulnerable groups of people and is taking over the once thriving middle class.