fashion advice

So hello! My name is Loulou and while you are hiding let's use the time to learn how to start dressing in a completely new way and stop feeling so disconnected from your style and yourself. I've created an easy to remember but impactful guide that will completely transform how you style and see yourself.
Gloves are so much more to hands than socks are to feet. A mislaid sock is a perennial thread in the web of wardrobe nuisances, but, classically, a mislaid glove is suffused with poetic symbolism. There is even something vaguely poignant about it, for the glove is an encasement for our hand, and what other outer garment is so full of intimacy?
If you're one of the thousands of fashion designers graduating each year and you're anything like me, you've watched countless series from Ugly Betty to Project Runway dreaming of a life working in fashion. But with so many graduates each year just from the UK alone the competition to get a job is as brutal as ever.
The thing with balance is, it requires restraint and I know how difficult that can be when all those amazing trends strut down the catwalk, but you must be strong! What is your existing style? What trends work with that?
There is a difference between a shapely bottom and a big bum. Back in the day, women used to ask "Does my bum look big in this?" If it did, they would scream and change outfit. Fast forward years later, when the same question is asked, we want the person being asked to respond, "Yes it does, and it looks fabulous darling."
As a fashion stylist, I have styled many beautiful women with different body shapes, different complexions, different style personalities, and most importantly, different budgets. Through my bespoke styling sessions, I teach people that looking stylish isn't defined by the amount of money you can spend on an item but by how well you wear it.
I believe that when it comes to being successful at anything, experimentation is the key. It's essential to try new things so that you know what works & what doesn't! If you're only now feeling the need to crawl out of your blue jeans coma, it can be very daunting. How the hell are you supposed to know what to buy? Do you just run into the closest shop, buy a bunch of things and hope for the best?