fashion diversity

Rural community centre volunteer-cum-fashion-designer Motsamai Mafitoe takes recycling more seriously than most and wants to take his creations to the next level.
While at least one person pointed out the possibility Zara is suggesting women who feel they lack the curves they want should
banner Disabled people enjoy clothes as much as any other human being. Disabled people are fashionable too. From a pair of high shoes, a tight fitted dress, a pop of bright coloured lipstick - to a designer handbag - fashion and beauty makes us feel good. When you feel good, you look good. Confidence is everything and we could all do with an extra boost of confidence. Fashion and beauty really is for every BODY.
More of this in 2017, please.
Because we could all use a little bit of good news right about now.
A wheelchair, a lack of symmetry, a few lumps and bumps, freckles, dark skin, short legs, full arms and frizzy hair, are not bad things. They are part of human beings. They belong to real lives that are being lived everyday, who are being subliminally rejected every single day. It begins with the designers. You have a job to do. You have a platform and a responsibility. You have a power to make anyone in the world feel beautiful at your fingertips, which is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a person. Prove that you have the imagination, will, and basic talent to be able to make something that isn't solely a walking rail, look spectacular.
But the fashion industry doesn't get away that easily - one of the biggest bugbears for black models is that very often, they