Fashion For All

Using the Internet, people from all ethnicities and backgrounds are becoming more comfortable presenting their image to the world, thus challenging the mainstream notions of the beauty ideal. Together with agencies like Lorde Inc., the fashion landscape is in a state of perfect flux.
Watch All The London Fashion Week Shows Live-Streamed Here London Fashion Week fans enjoy watching the shows for the excitingly
Beth Ditto walked the Marc Jacobs catwalk last night - the final show of New York Fashion Week. Ditto, singer of The Gossip
It comes down to as simple a principle as this: if we are holding up a standard of beauty, and we don't see people who look like us reflected in that standard, it doesn't make us feel particularly beautiful.
H&M has proudly acknowledged the diverse groups of people in the world in their latest fashion campaign. 'Close the Loop
Carrying a "statement" bag doesn't usually involve making much of a statement, but one model and artist has used her arm
After the photos were shot, they were given to graphic designers to turn into high-end fashion ads. The participants were
Leila Ndabirabe Last year, Leila made quite the impression. She appeared on New York's runways with appearances at Marc Jacobs
Johanna Londinium by Giovanni Martins Having trained as a makeup artist as a teen, the model begun her career in front of
Gap Kids made history last week by hiring their first ever model with Down's syndrome. Nine-year-old Kayla Kosmalski joined
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HuffPost UK Style's Fashion For All coverage focuses on the issues of diversity and inclusivity. We passionately believe that the fashion and beauty industries can and should embrace people of all skin tones, genders, sizes, shapes and those with disabilities. So we will be highlighting moments of inclusivity and flagging up discrimination through news, blogs, features and videos.