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Fashion and sustainability aren't two words you often see in the same sentence. An adjective that evokes images of industry and ecology, "sustainable" is actually coming into fashion when describing, well, fashion. And as Director of Denim at WGSN, I can tell you this is very good news for our industry.
In the coming months the UK will see some of the biggest events hit the fashion calendar. From the British Style Collective event in Liverpool to the exclusive setting of London Fashion Week, the range of fashion events spans both public and A-lister interest, so getting the right balance for each experience is an important part of the planning process.
I was initially shocked by the announcement, especially as she'd been much on my mind today while I read her diary of Vogue's centenary year. Yet upon further reflection it isn't so much of a surprise. A quarter of a century is a long time in any job, especially one that carries so much power and responsibility.
These are some of the words I frantically tapped into my iPhone notes during Fyodor Golan's stunning London Fashion Week presentation: 'tender, ferocious, glitchy, primal, diverse'. The words hit me in digital waves
Bags don't necessarily demand a live show or presentation, I guess, and a presenting a film is a chance to carefully control the branding of the erm, brand. Already stocked at Net-a-porter, Harrods, Selfridges amongst others, I bet they'll sell bags of bags!
Don't wear any clothes that match EVER at fashion week. Street cool aims for a look akin to that petulant six year old on the tube whose exhausted mother allowed her to wear her Disney 'Frozen' dress over her dungarees because she wouldn't stop screaming.
On a crisp November Friday evening, I had the pleasure of visiting the jaw-dropping decadence of the Victoria and Albert Museum to see their new monthly event, Fashion in Motion.
When the words 'KFC fashion collaboration' popped into our inbox, we must admit we were intrigued. After all, we're not too
Surfing and autumn may not be the most obvious word association, but Victoria Beckham rocked up at London Fashion Week wearing
But now, now famous faces (or should that be ears?) like Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller are wearing them again and I feel