Fashion photography

2026 © Ibrahim Kamara and Kristin Lee-Moolman Stylist Ibrahim Kamara collaborates with photographer Kristin Lee-Moolman for
Nick Knight Before moving to its current home in the Victoria and Albert museum, the Savage Beauty exhibition was on display
The new exhibition of Guy Bourdin's photography at Somerset House presents us with a conundrum. There is no doubting the man's eye and talent for image creation, but these images were taken over 30 years ago and today, many of them are deeply uncomfortable, some of them arguably offensive.
Like any photographer of merit, Edmund sticks to his principles, conjuring up unique narratives for each shot and never kowtowing to expectations. So many photographers aim to be different from the crowd, yet often fall flat, and resign themselves to a perceived fact that they have to conform, Edmund Fraser is a man who will fall into that trap.
Whoever said that fashion is not an art form clearly hasn't seen the work of Indian designer Suneet Varma. For over 25 years Suneet has been the driving force behind Indian fashions rise on the world stage.
London's Somerset House is currently displaying 'Miles Aldridge: I Only Want You To Love Me'... Over the last two decades, Aldridge's photographs have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers including Vogue Italia, American Vogue, Numéro, Ponystep, The New York Times and The New Yorker.
As someone who usually sits between the worlds of fashion, retail and technology, it's clear that they are often ships passing in the night until an explosive coming together produces something pretty cool.
Ever wondered what goes on, on a Vogue swimwear shoot? Come to St Barts with us, to see behind the scenes on Mario Sorrenti's Sauvage fashion editorial for the June/July issue, featuring Andreea Diaconu and Anja Rubik.
I am a mere four years into my journey as a photographer and just over two years into my journey as a professional photographer. In that time my style and aesthetic has developed. I have moved on and I can see my work becoming more my own. I am still learning and I hope I always will be.