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A man has vowed never to eat at McDonald's again after being served a completely raw burger. Byron Thomas, 28, noticed something
A US teen has finally received a refund from fried chicken giantKFC after finding what he thought was a brain in his lunch
Fast food giant McDonald's begin their latest promotional campaign on Monday, when staff will be accepting "Lovin'" as payment
Does it all boil (or fry) down to the fact that society doesn't look at the bigger picture but instead focuses on paddling one's own self-interested, personal gain canoe at the expense of another? Have things got so bad that corporations don't give two hoots about what happens to others from their own decisions and actions?
Before I began work as a crew member I, like most of my friends, held a fairly negative set of beliefs about both the restaurant and its workers. The implication, along with most similar insults, was that McDonald's workers were slow, stupid, and miserable, and that working as a crew member was the classic 'dead-end' job. The first of these myths was debunked almost immediately.
It is a well-known fact that fast food is bad for you. Relentless campaigning by the government's public health watchdog reminds us of this continually. Newly implemented traffic light food labelling now draws attention to fat, salt, sugar and calorie content in pre-packed food. So, where does fried chicken fall in the artery-clogging spectrum of fast food options?
The food industry is going through the same sort of upheaval that the tobacco sector went through some years ago. Health campaigners and keepers of the public purse are deeply concerned about obesity; just as they once were about the effect of tobacco. But the difference between food and tobacco is that we need food. The food sector won't shrink like the tobacco sector did.
While on my annual vacation to visit friends all over the US, but mainly Indianapolis it started like this, a long day of eating drinking, and a live music show in Louisville Kentucky left me happy, but exhausted asleep in the back of my friends car on the drive back to Indianapolis.