fat acceptance

The media would have us fooled that being fat is the worst thing that you can ever be. Being fat is seen as one of the least desirable attributes in our culture, and growing up - I believed it. I would envy the girls at school for their slim figures and would have given anything to be the same as them. It didn't matter if they were an unkind or mean person, because being slim was the thing to be if you wanted to be successful, attractive and respected.
There are certain things that I've noticed no longer hold the same level of power over me as they once did and I've realised that there are a whole bunch of things that fat women shouldn't be afraid of, here are six of them.
After close to 20 years of yoyo dieting and believing that I was 100% to blame for my size this colourful american lady Dr Deb Burgard opened my mind with one simple slide, a collection of photographs depicting certain breeds of dogs.
In a society transfixed on appearance and perceived beauty are we fighting a losing battle? Will there ever be a time when fat people can walk down the street without being verbally and physically abused. Will we stop being the butt of jokes on panel shows and sitcoms? And when will a fat woman take the romantic lead in a film without having to be funny or tragic?