Giselle Oliveira is a One Young World Ambassador running the impactful Eyes of the Street / Olhares da rua project that is
Going on one of these tours, sleeping in a favela guesthouse or having dinner in a tourist friendly favela restaurant does offer an alternative to mainstream Rio. So, would YOU spend a night sleeping in a slum?
Police in Rio have organised a ball for teenage girls to help build relations within the Cerro Corá favela. In Brazil, girls
A project was launched this weekend across 13 favelas, including Mare, to look at the impact of this militarisation of favelas on young, black people living there. Many spoke of the difficulty living in places where violence is a daily reality - and it seems that hopes of peace are a long way off.
Usain Bolt danced the samba with a group of kids from a favela in Rio de Janeiro ahead of winning "Mano a Mano" beach race
There's something a bit Faustian about World Cup sponsorship. Highly successful, ambitious companies enter into a partnership with the all-powerful but morally suspect Fifa. Profits are guaranteed but there are strings attached...
The Queen of Samba... A survivor. Now in her seventies, she was born and raised in the Favelas, and has had a turbulent life. She is notorious in Brazil not only for her music but for her long affair with Mané Garrincha, the legendary Brazil player. Their son was tragically killed in a car accident...
In a matter of weeks the world will descend on Brazil's Rio de Janeiro for the the greatest show on Earth - the football
The Street Child World Cup has competing boys and girls teams, it kicks off on Sunday 30th March in Rio, but unlike this Summer's event, it is the taking part that really does count as every single child participating has had a journey to get there and is already a winner.
Living in Rocinha as a gringo, (foreigner), I never felt uncomfortable, the love, embrace and inclusion that I received from the community was something I never felt amongst my fellow countrymen and friends back home in the UK.