The fight for freedom in Europe did not end with the defeat of Adolf Hitler's Germany at the end of World War 2. As Winston
Michele Bachmann has called Obamacare the 'crown jewel of socialism' For Dr Jonathan Bell, a specialist on US social change
This week marks the 67th anniversary of Winston Churchill's 'Iron Curtain' address (actually named 'The Sinews of Peace'), which he called "the most important speech of my career". And he'd given one or two of those.
The director of 'Hyde Park on Hudson' has admitted that the success of 'The King's Speech' came as "a shock and a blow", because
Whether Obama's legacy is as profound as Franklin D. Roosevelt is yet to be seen, however, in signifying and forming this cultural shift there is little doubt that Obama has defined our generation.
May 8, 1945. London. Winston Churchill stands alongside King George VI and other members of the Royal Family on a Buckingham Palace balcony, waving to a crowd of thousands who've gathered to celebrate with him the fall of Germany, and victory in Europe.