fee-free education

"Free" is ambiguous, because it covers only selected components and not the full cost of this level of education.
The current public "debates" contain many myths or misconceptions about what free tertiary education in South Africa would mean.
As President Zuma’s fee-free plan puts universities into a quandary, Jonathan Jansen ponders whether we live in a time of the end of universities.
It’s not enough any longer to simply want to learn.
The revolution is truly eating its own children.
There is a perpetual myth that public universities and colleges fleece students by making class fees as expensive as possible.
'It would be hypocritical for those of us who have university qualifications to say that South Africa should forgo universities altogether.'
The nature of our economic system in South Africa and globally indicates that higher education is critical to economic participation.
'This is a government policy choice, and it should not be landed on the tertiary institutions to manage or implement.'
'We believe all public universities will invest all their energy and creativity to make this epoch-making system work.'