'It does not matter whether it is done by email, in person or on the phone, being criticised sucks.'
Are you feeling less confident lately? Do you have days when you are more confident than on other days? You are not alone. We all those days when we feel that nothing we do is good enough, nothing we do is right and we feel unable to tackle new tasks without feeling apprehensive.
In a globalized, open and competitive market, it may be argued that online feedback becomes a necessity rather than an option. It is becoming harder and more expensive to predict who will be using a service or a product and their various preferences and contexts of use.
A great friend's father has a printing company in Scandinavia. They have a complete ban on planned meetings. There is one
Feedback. Yes, it's a big ask but it is also something that has the potential to transform young people's lives.
Ken Blanchard wrote "feedback is the food of champions". This eloquent summary of the power of feedback makes it difficult to understand why organisations do not invest more heavily in creating an environment rich in high quality feedback.