fees must fall

Lee-Roy Jason's latest exhibition of photographs, 'Everything Must Fall', is now open in Johannesburg.
South African photographer Lee-Roy Jason in his solo exhibition showcases a series of protests and activism he has covered — the struggle continues.
'It is important that we constantly give content and context to what we commemorate and why.'
'As young people we have the responsibility to ensure that we consistently fight all the societal ills that we face.'
The youth of today have their own hurdles — especially unemployment and the barriers to entry in education.
Universities as products of society resemble all of South Africa's atrocities.
"Free" is ambiguous, because it covers only selected components and not the full cost of this level of education.
"People thought that we were stupid; we don't know what we want. Now the very same people are celebrating free education."
Dlamini wants charges of assault and public violence against him and other #FeesMustFall accused dropped because he can't afford advocate Dali Mpofu's fees
The current public "debates" contain many myths or misconceptions about what free tertiary education in South Africa would mean.