South African photographer Lee-Roy Jason in his solo exhibition showcases a series of protests and activism he has covered — the struggle continues.
'It is important that we constantly give content and context to what we commemorate and why.'
'As young people we have the responsibility to ensure that we consistently fight all the societal ills that we face.'
Universities as products of society resemble all of South Africa's atrocities.
"If you cannot take the poor into the university because of infrastructure... no one must go."
Representatives hope to come to "some sort of understanding of what needs to be done" to avoid registration woes, said USAf CEO Professor Ahmed Bawa.
Hlengiwe Mkhize says the department is ready to deal with any potential conflicts that may arise during registration.
UCT students want clarity from the president urgently, to avoid further protests in the 2018 academic year.
The ANC Youth League says government must "work tirelessly" to make free higher education a reality.
Budget chief Michael Sachs has reportedly resigned in reaction to the plan.