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UPDATE: David Dimbleby's Scorpion Tattoo Doubles As An HIV Symbol In The Gay Community (PICTURE) You’re never too old to
A finely crafted piece of farcical, light theatre, it has all the necessary conflicts which are consequences of the many misunderstandings and lies that take place. The narrative is perfectly split between two acts with two scenes, and runs just nicely for two hours that fly by.
Richard Briers, who died on Monday aged 79, will be best remembered for his performance as Tom Good in the 1970s BBC1 sitcom
Actor Richard Briers, known to millions for his role in TV's 'The Good Life', has died at the age of 79, his agent said. His
Richard Briers has revealed he is battling emphysema. 'The Good Life' star, 79, was diagnosed with the chronic lung condition
In a taxi somewhere on the streets of West London the cab driver turned to me and said "What continent has got six of the fastest growing economies in the world?" "Well it's Asia isn't it!" I replied firmly. And there an awkward silence ensued... If I've learnt one thing as an actress over the years it's that there is more than one way to tell a story and this is no truer than when talking about Africa.