Why did these five films of 2017, all directed by women, not crack the nod at the 2018 Academy Awards? Once again, the nominees are mostly men.
When faced with five weeks of round-the-clock focus on my cast and crew, I knew my 15 minute morning musing over my threads would be out the window. Thus follows the five pieces that not only kept me warm, covered and comfy but that literally saved my arse in a myriad of different ways.
I know I loathed Brexit. I didn't want our country to seem so insular, fear-based and - get ready for this big word - mean. After some reading, googling and chats with friends, that's how Brexit appeared to me.
I want this film to be a love letter to all those people who are worried about saying I Love You. Say it. Trust me. You will learn a lot more about yourself if you stride out and embrace the emotional surf that knocks you off your feet.