female leadership

Luckily they've made it the 1,100km from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok where I caught up with them. And here's why I think they're two of the best female role models this planet has to offer.
Those words are a start and deeds must follow, in small moments of kindness and larger acts of standing for justice. At this moment we are being put to a test. We have to show heart and conviction. We have to ensure that our children learn the values some world leaders have forgotten.
How empowering is that for women and men and doesn't it make you happy in these turbulent times!? We really do have the power to change things for the better through our thoughts and beliefs.
Chasing corporate success is one thing. When you're chasing the success of your own business, your business often feels like
It's International Women's Day and I'm reminded of the presence and personal impact I've been doing with women-only groups
The appointment in May of Oxford University's first female VC in its 800 year history has inevitably bought the debate around female leadership to the headlines once again.
Many of these female role models aren't just blending in with the status quo. They are spearheading a different style of leadership. This was neatly embodied in an image from the latest BBC General Election debate, when the three female party leaders hugged at the end of the event.
Not only was Clinton the first to announce her intentions, just eight years on from her defeat by Obama in the Democratic nomination race, but at this early stage it seems that she is expected to be the frontrunner for the Oval Office, with several US news outlets offering their support.
A common strand links businesses across the country: the masculine model of organizational structure when most often men lead the way, recruit others in their image and communicate with each other based on a "superman" model of management. But there's a new generation of women and men who are tired of assuming that everyone wants to make it to the top and do in a 'no prisoners' way.
It may or may not be true that we become our parents, but I want to be careful of the example I set. These choices are more far-reaching than my own sense of satisfaction. I want my daughter to see me as someone who provides, and someone who is available for her.