female politicians

Despite the fact that 78% of council employees are women and they are also the majority of services users, just 33% of councillors are women, statistics that have barely shifted in decades. But in addition to that we found that one in three women councillors have experienced sexism from council colleagues, one in 10 have been sexually harassed. 46% of women vs 35% of men had experienced harassment or abuse from the electorate.
Essentially, when attempting to appeal to female voters maybe Smith and others would do well to reflect on the wise words of Jo March, that women vote not because we are women 'but because we are human beings'. Consider whether you think your policies and slogans would appeal to people and that will help you determine if it will appeal to women.
I believe that as women we should give Theresa May an opportunity to prove she is what this country needs. Still, a second female Prime Minister should excite us. We may not be exactly where we want to be but we're on our way there. Surely each small step we take towards progress is a step worth celebrating.
If you look at the world of politics currently you may consider women are well-represented. Successful women successfully
We need strong female role models so that our daughters will look up and believe that they, too, can be valued for more than their ability to look pretty and people-please. There is a life before and beyond maternity leave, and women are entitled to choose how they live it.
Mary Portas has called the female members of the cabinet 'an ugly bunch' in a recent interview, announcing that if she was