female solo travel

Even the words 'spa retreat' sound tempting. And if you're travelling solo, some pampering as you explore the world is a pretty good combination.
Setting out on your first solo travels can be daunting. And if you're a natural introvert, the thought of heading off alone might seem even harder - but here's why you're better off than the extroverts.
Women wanting to travel alone shouldn't be made to feel held back by fear. I've put together a list for the best of female solo travel...
Just a few days into my trip, a rickshaw driver insisted he hold my hand during visits to exquisite monuments, so as to demonstrate to other men I was protected. I insisted he didn't.
So, I'll be travelling solo... with the three kids. Are you imagining mature, responsible, well-seasoned travellers between the ages of seven and 14? I'm talking about twin boys, who've just turned five, and a little girl, barely two. They are newbie international explorers and I am mad.