Lee-Roy Jason's latest exhibition of photographs, 'Everything Must Fall', is now open in Johannesburg.
'I truly don't feel that the justice system is doing enough to protect us.'
'That is how abuse works – it is a system that is obsessed with power and control over a subject.'
'Women are inherently vulnerable in a patriarchal, hypermasculine society. Should the balance in our legal system not favour them?'
According to AfricaCheck.org 1,713 women were murdered in 2016 – meaning that every five hours a woman is killed in South Africa.
People Opposing Women Abuse says it launched "The Daily Abuse" newspaper to put the injustices that women face in the spotlight.
Ending the canker that is gender-based violence will require effort, commitment and endurance from the government, business and civil society.
Legislation itself is never enough to change and stop the current climate of discrimination and subsequent violence on women's bodies.
Now, we mine for black women in a boyfriend's backyard.
Trying to find the why of violation of women and girls in our society is probably only helpful if it leads to lessons from which we should learn.