Feng Shui

I've been a fan of de-cluttering for most of my adult life - as I believe the less clutter you have in your life the clearer and more centred you can become. This applies to all areas of life too including
Detox your friends, discover those who are mood-hoovers. Do you leave a friend feeling better or worse? Focus on those who add to your life and make it better. Find the positive... Things not right, get more in tune with yourself. Get a life coach, there are so many great ones out there!
Feng Shui, a popular ancient Chinese Philosophy focusing on creating harmony in our private and business environment, is based on this. Practicing Feng Shui gives balance, fun and success in our life, love and work. When we create an environment that we truly relate to, we automatically feel happier.
So, are there climates for success? Yes, I believe there are. We are living in one of the most potentially productive and successful periods for business globally, certainly in our lifetimes.
When I walked in to my office in the morning I'm overwhelmed at how amazing the room feels. Everything has changed with a simple splash of colour. I may be the Queen of Taupe but this red has made me feel incredibly happy and full of new energy to make 2012 the best year yet.