Ferial Haffajee

New research shows most relationships between DGs and ministers last less than a year. It is one reason service delivery is so poor.
Bell Pottinger strode the globe like a colossus making a mint from manipulation. It works in countries where accountability is not great and so it grew a shield of impunity. That was until it got to South Africa where a robust media and a cottage industry of internet sleuths quickly uncovered their campaign.
How will justice look for Timol so many years after his death and why does it matter? Ferial Haffajee takes a look.
Editor-at-large Ferial Haffajee and Editor-in-chief Pieter du Toit analyse the speeches in Parliament during the Zuma confidence proceedings.
They say he broke a court order not to harrass journalists.
The party is turning its back on a long-standing tradition of passing values from one generation to the next.
Zuma and Ramaphosa sing delegates' praises, Bathabile Dlamini stays under fire for alleged comments on "emotional women", and the ANC's mounting fears of regime change come to the surface.
'The online attacks made me feel dirty and endangered.'
Whether Ferial believes it or not, Helen Zille's comments are both stupid and racist. Racism has severe consequences on black South Africans.
Watch HuffPost SA Editor-in-chief Verashni Pillay talk to Ferial Haffajee about fake news using our brand name.