Fernando Torres

AC Milan are hoping to sign Chelsea pair Fernando Torres and Marco van Ginkel before the end of the summer transfer window
The £59.7 million Manchester United have paid Real Madrid for Ángel di María will finally end Fernando Torres' forgettable
The season is almost here, close enough to almost smell the overpriced half-time chips and pies... It's been an eventful wait since the World Cup, with no clubs standing still, but who's impressed in the last month and who's accidentally thrown it into reverse?
Each team will sign a player at one stage or another who just simply fails to perform. He may not adapt to the side's style of play, he may not get enough time on the field or he may inexplicably lose all footballing ability, what's known as doing a Torres. Here are five players who can relate to this and need to leave their current clubs as soon as possible if they hope to shine again.
Fernando Torres - World class striker. Fernando Torres - Deadly finisher. Fernando Torres - 30 goals a season player. Remember that? It's been a while, but for Torres it must feel like a lifetime... His stock has dropped so much that even the club who adore him like no other are only willing to pay 20% of what Chelsea did three years ago.
Fernando Torres is still at Chelsea, three-and-a-half years on from his ill-fated £50 million transfer from Liverpool, and
With slicked back black hair, a black suit, a black jacket and a rugged stubble, it is little wonder Diego Simeone can motivate
Three sides have failed to make the Champions League final after a goalless first leg since the turn of the century, and
Mourinho can point the finger at his strikers all he likes, but his return to Chelsea was an open secret long before the transfer window opened. He should have identified the problem and come up with various solutions before the start of the season, not when it is getting to its most crucial juncture.
Today, the Premier League's financial might is clear for all to see and one just has to take a look at Wayne Rooney's £300,000 per week contract or Chelsea's mammoth £50million transfer fee for Fernando Torres to see this. That being said, there is a huge disparity in the financial power of Premier League sides.