Typical. You wait ages for one funny ferret video, and then two come along at once. First we brought you this ferret's jump
Everyone: meet Dramatic Ferret. Dramatic Ferret: meet everyone. At last, the internet has found a worthy successor to Dramatic
Wait for it... Wait for it... (Via Tastefully Offensive)
And guess what? It's not as easy as you'd think to free a ferret from a brick. Nicely done, chaps! (Via Abrorath)
It's only five seconds long. But it's worth it. Aww! (Via Tastefully Offensive)
And you thought cats were d***s. Yes, step forward ferrets. Or at least the ferret in this viral video above. Not only does
"I scooped a fresh bowl of snow and let our ferrets at it," writes YouTuber Spongethepig. "They constantly are trying to
Ever checked into a hotel and realised you've forgotten to bring a ferret? No problem! You'd just call room service to bring
Can't find your TV remote? A word to the wise... Before you look in the usual places - down the back of the sofa, underneath
When was the last time you shot a ferret? Sorry, when was the last time you 'shot' a ferret? And it 'died'? Like most humans