Dramatic footage has been released showing a mother and her two children being hauled to safety from a burning ferry in the
Four British nationals have been rescued from a stricken Greek ferry which caught fire in the Adriatic, with five people
I spent a lot of my twenties in a mostly unfulfilling job that I wasn't entirely sure how I'd ended up with. A shocking amount of my time was spent day dreaming at my desk about detailed travel routes; going by land from London to China, "yep, will be at the meeting in 2 minutes"...
Steady... Steady... STEADY!!! Too late. Not to worry, this rather reckless nautical manoeuvre was in fact deliberate as a
A ferry carrying 489 passengers has struck the quay and started to let in water. The Sirena Seaways ferry struck the quay
A body has been found in the hunt for a teenager who is believed to have jumped from a ferry over a £100 bet, police said
A search is under way after a teenage boy jumped from a ferry into a river. Jordan Cobb, 16, from Plymouth, was spotted jumping
A British child was one of those killed when two ferries collided in Hong Kong, the Foreign Office has confirmed. The child
A British national was among the victims of the Hong Kong ferry disaster, the Foreign Office has confirmed. 38 people were