fighter jet

Not content US Air Force general has predicted that fighter jets could come fitted with attack-based laser cannons as soon
As everyone remembers in the film 'Top Gun', the MiG-29 was the famous plane that Tom Cruise inverted over to give his own
DARPA is constantly coming up with new concepts however its most recent might be its most ambitious yet -- excluding of course
Aviation company Northrop Grumman has potentially teased its terrifying new stealth bomber during -- believe it or not -- a
The Islamic State group may in possession of up to three warplanes, with former military pilots training its fighters to
Mark Bowman is a man who doesn't mince his words, which is just as well because ultimately that -- and an almost otherworldly
This is the BAE Striker II Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD). It is - put simply - the world's most advanced helmet. The idea
Flying a fighter jet is one of those things that looks easier than it really is. Because not only do you have to be able
Ellen might have most of the world's bankable acting talent in her record-breaking selfie. The Royal Danish Air Force has
The US Navy has conducted a key test of its new unmanned, tail-less fighter jet. The Northrop Grumman-designed X-47B Unmanned