Fikile Mbalula

The police minister slammed the protests for not taking into account all murders, especially those in impoverished areas.
"Treacherous police officers, whose loyalty is to their greed and not our communities, represent a serious security threat that must be neutralised as a matter of top priority,
The presidency has not received a request for the deployment of troops to Gauteng and the Western Cape.
Police Minister Fikile Mbalula released the annual crime statistics on Tuesday. It wasn't good.
Crime broadly might be down, but murder and robbery in this country is on the increase.
Six of the suspects arrested for the Cape Town massacre say they will sue for wrongful arrest after being detained and allegedly beaten by the police.
Police minister maintains he paid for the Dubai trip himself.
But can the minister ask the SANDF directly to deploy its soldiers?
The police minister says he is seeking legal advice over allegations that a sports company paid for his holiday.
The public protector and minister of police are under fire and Telkom has cut its ties with KPMG.
There are indications that the police minister has enjoyed various perks from the private sector, including trips to Dubai and Las Vegas.
The police minister has come under fire for his graphic language, but Chris de Kock says the stats show a tough approach can work to boost morale among officers.
"It was a private trip. He basically paid for it
Mbalula did not declare Dubai trip to Parliament.
The minister's trip appears to have been a conflict of interest.
The police and the DA-led government have blamed each other for violence that left 18 dead.
Reconnecting her DStv outweighed the needs of the public.