With cosmetic clinics closed, some regular clients are resorting to 'DIY tweakments'.
Plumped lips and a youthful face might look beautiful now, but they only last for so long.
Please note: This article contains images of a medical nature that some may consider graphic. A woman is warning others about
Where make-up used to do the trick, nowadays, every woman is looking for immediate enduring perfection, whatever the cost, and there are plenty of unregulated companies willing to gamble with our looks for cash. Are these companies, unchecked, preying on the insecure?
If that isn't a good enough advertisement I don't know what is! However, this isn't an advert it's a review. My title clearly
All cosmetic surgery advertising should be banned and annual checks carried out on surgeons, advised experts in the wake
I learnt something today. Don't take that statement lightly because I am quite surprised that I learnt anything at all! I