Film Blockbusters

There were plenty of bombs, turkeys and over-rated smashes which either left me cross or emulating an indifferent Frenchman winning first prize in a 'So What?' charades contest.
Supermarket Morrisons has bought 49 stores from failed DVD and games rental chain Blockbuster as it steps up plans to expand
Blockbuster is to close 129 stores in addition to the 31 stores which had already been notified of their closure, the administrators
Liam Neeson's big-budget sequel Taken 2 has taken a satisfying $50m at the US box office in its opening weekend, taking it
Why mess with a winning formula? Bruce Willis has obviously decided it's not necessary, and is already deep in production
Daniel Craig misses the days he could get drunk in a bar without fear of someone taking his picture, insisting it's impossible
Jeremy Renner is the man of the moment. The Brother Grimm classic fairy tale has been given a Hollywood make over Currently
The dust has barely settled on the Expendables 2 - in UK cinemas today, starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph
For the record-breaking crowds who lined up to see Avengers Assemble, there is good news... sort of. Disney Studios has confirmed
Actor Robert Downey Jr. is nursing an ankle injury after a stunt went wrong on the set of Iron Man 3. Robert Downey Jr is
Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared he is "very happy to be back in the movie business" at the premiere of his new film, The
Jeremy Renner admits the idea of “taking over” from Matt Damon in The Bourne Legacy feels like “such a weird thing”. Jeremy
Sylvester Stallone is giving the the junket circuit tour for Expendables 2 a miss after the death of his son last month, a
The Dark Knight Rises has triumphed at cinemas on both sides of the Atlantic, rocketing to the top of the UK box office chart
Heath Ledger has made his mark on Batman history, Christian Bale has revealed. The Australian actor, who died from an accidental
Daniel Craig has proved his versatility with the vehicles, with a stint on a motorbike for his latest 007 high jinks. The
Liam Hemsworth may be best known as Mr Miley right now following his betrothal to one Ms Cyrus, but he's not been slacking
Jessica Biel has spoken about her bitch-fight with fellow actress Kate Beckinsale. Biel, who wrestled with co-star Kate Beckinsale
Jeremy Renner speaks exclusively to this month’s Empire magazine about his role in the forthcoming role in The Bourne Legacy
"The romance was my favourite bit," said Emma Stone on the red carpet of summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man. The Help