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But there was something about animated food that was just even more extra delicious looking - probably based on the fact I could never eat or recreate what I was watching on screen. Animated food looks perfect.
Sharknado's success has exceeded expectations, and is rapidly asserting itself as a modern cult classic. Isn't that what we say about The Big Lebowski? So why is Sharknado still only good because it's bad?
For me, The World's End is a film in three parts. The first is my favourite, a love letter to growing up in the Eighties, the music of the era, and blokey friendship.
Remember Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's characters in 'Knocked Up'? The happy but frustrated pair watching on as Seth Rogen
Can the makers of Little Miss Sunshine pull it off again? Six years after the breakout success of the deceptively light indie
Even star of the show Eugene Levy admits that he was shocked to hear the American Pie team were making another outing, their
Kelly Brook confessed she still gets nervous about appearing scantily clad on camera as she attended the premiere of funnyman
Only one tiny thing went wrong when Robert Webb, star of The Wedding Video, got married himself... "The music was set at
In a conversation with GQ, Reeves dropped some story details about the proposed third film in the slacker sci-fi canon, which
He's not even real. Ted's a stuffed bear, full of worldly wisdom and profanity in equal measure, sent to this world to keep