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The latest Bond movie, No Time To Die, has been delayed yet again as the film industry struggles to adapt.
The actor on not really getting his due, whether the break-up with Yash Raj Films affected his career, and #MeToo.
He says the film industry still has a long way to go when it comes to 'masculinity and homosexuality'.
She was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement over sexual assault allegations against the media mogul.
A HuffPost investigation found that women in crew positions experience lewd comments, gendered discrimination and even physical assault — and in some cases, it’s driving them out of the industry.
It is high time that the British people, post-Brexit and all, openly discuss the growing xenophobia and racism within the country, to include the field of opportunities for foreign and black actors.
Here are a few things to remember when working in this wonderful industry of ours. 1: You are not the only department on
Raising money independently for something so experimental isn't easy, so I agreed to make Convenience for the absolute bare minimum that was physically possible - £80k. This meant negotiating on everything, including health, sleep and what flavour Pedigree Chum we'd be serving for lunch, but it also meant getting the actual movie made.
Gaming has always been popular, but this has increased exponentially over the last few years. Whereas gaming was once seen as 'geeky' and 'uncool,' nowadays, geeky IS cool. You can blame the huge rise of comics and 'cosplay' conventions such as Comic Con for contributing to this massive change in perception.
Though it's still business as usual for the UK film industry, changing audience demographics, tax reliefs, on-demand streaming and funding strategies are changing the day-to-day process of the way films are made and consumed in the UK.