film review

The new and improved Spidey (Tom Holland) is a welcome change to the masked crime fighter.
It's a cleverly directed by action-movie king Michael Bay – the CGI isn’t abused in every scene and the cast is probably the best it’s ever been.
If you want to test the state of local films, Tess, the latest local product on general release and now on circuit is a good place to start.
Jayan Moodley sets her new film Keeping Up With the Kandasamys, which she directed and co-wrote with Rory Booth, squarely in the area of Chatsworth.
Garth Davis' Lion is based on the incredible true story of Australian businessman Saroo Brierley. It is an amazing film. At
There is nothing that jars (or worse, jar jars) in this spectacle. On the contrary, there are enough references, both visual and spoken to keep a long time fan very happy, sometimes gasping, occasionally applauding.
If i were to rate the film Magpie, I could not conceive it getting less than 5/5 stars. A truly compelling masterpiece of
The Girl on the Train is the perfect example of how Hollywood has a delightful knack of ruining good books (apologies, to
During a recent visit to Abu Dhabi, I went to the first public viewing of the film Abdullah.