Films from all over the world helped make the first South African Independent Film Festival a rousing success that promises to get bigger and better.
Seriously now, how do you make a living as a filmmaker? I realised when I asked myself this question that I had three main areas of expertise that I could monetise. Firstly, I am a good communicator. Secondly I have an instinct for marketing and promotion and thirdly I had some marketable skills. so, what would I call myself?
Our journey with WE WENT TO WAR started on a rainy afternoon in London in December 2007. In between developing project ideas with Michael, I was slowly making my way through his extraordinary five decade back catalogue as one Britain's great documentary filmmakers. Today it was 'I Was a Soldier' (1970), possibly the very first sustained treatment about soldiers coming home from the frontlines of Vietnam.
The film industry has nurtured many hugely talented women directors - Sofia Coppola, Kathryn Bigelow, and Catherine Hardwicke being just a few. The next generation of filmmakers should take inspiration from them.
Most people accept their graduate unemployment with grace. For some reason, and to the horror of my bank, I decided this was the best time for a bedroom start-up. I now run the British Student Film Festival, a national exhibition of student film showcasing unheard and under-appreciated British talent.