finding nemo

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'My dad, he swam out to the ocean and he bumped into sharks...'
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Many film fans have have often questioned whether all of the Pixar films are connected in some way, and now the theory has
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There was so much potential here. The central narrative - finding Dory's parents - was unavoidable. Any scriptwriter, nay, your neighbour or cat would have known this was the right step to take. The filler, however, disinterests me. Marlin and Nemo's subplots are bafflingly simple with no sense of wit or fun.
Anything centred around cute baby fish and lost parents is going to melt even the coldest of hearts on this exceptionally rainy August. Finding Dory truly is a recipe for waterworks, with the opening scene being pure Pixar magic.
Finding Dory made a splash at its UK Premiere, as the rain began to pour with the arrival of the films main star, Ellen DeGeneres