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Findus, Tesco, Waitrose, the FSA, everyone involved. They will all get away with it now. The scale and extent of this scandal will mean that people will simply want it to be over. Nobody wanted to know how their food was produced in the first place, and nobody will want to be reminded of it.
Horse meat contaminated with veterinary drug bute is believed to have entered the food chain in France, the French ministry
Birds Eye is withdrawing three beef ready meals from sale in the UK and Ireland. The move follows tests that found 2% of
The horsemeat scandal has served to highlight the inadequacies of a food system driven by profit, and the fact that it's those buying the cheapest food who are falling victim to them. Processed food makes money. But, it does not make us well.
More than a month after equine DNA blighted burgers in British and Irish supermarkets, the horse meat scandal has now hit
The need for crisis management has never been greater for the food industry. So what does the current horse meat debacle tell us about the right and wrong ways to tackle crisis management?
Europe's Health and Consumer policy chief has rejected claims that EU policy was to blame for the horsemeat scandal. Commissioner
A few enterprising souls have decided to cash in on the horse meat scandal currently blighting the pasta-based ready meals
The hunt for horse meat in the food chain will be widened to include chicken, pork and lamb, the Food Standards Agency has
A food waste "catastrophe" is being created by the horse meat scandal, experts have said. Findus has confirmed that 180,000
We should perhaps be grateful that the scandal has, indirectly at least, shone a light on a murky, cross border trade in live horses that is as complex as it is secretive. Unknown to most, as many as 65,000 live horses are trucked around Europe each year to feed demand for a meat.
Findus have taken the bull by the horns and produced a bold new advert following the horsemeat scandal. Take a look at the
Tesco has became the latest firm to drop a major supplier after discovering a range of spaghetti bolognese ready meals contained
Romania's ambassador to the UK has denied his country bears any blame for the horse meat scandal, saying facts have been
Romania's prime minister has reacted angrily to allegations that two Romanian abattoirs sold horsemeat disguised as beef
The horse meat scandal is the result of a criminal fraud conspiracy, the government has said. Owen Paterson, the Environment
More cases of contaminated meat may be revealed within days, the government has warned as it raised fears that an international
Retailers hold the "ultimate responsibility" for making sure that horsemeat is not in their products, environment secretary
Environment secretary Owen Paterson will hold an emergency meeting on Saturday with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and retailers