Fiona Phillips

2013 is the year tech-savvy millennial children become teenagers (and therefore legally are able to begin using social media). As a mother of a millennial baby I am experiencing this shift of interests with a child who is now a teenager and permanently attached to his smartphone.
We take it for granted, but memory is fundamental to everything you do. As soon as you start losing your memory your whole life goes into meltdown. When my mother started having trouble with her memory it was difficult because she was only in her 50s. At the time we just thought she was being eccentric. She had always been funny, always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and we would think 'I can't believe she said that!' But this was an exaggerated form. She started crying a lot.
The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo – BBC2, 8.30pm The final episode with the adorable Rachel Khoo, preparing
Grieving Fiona Phillips is convinced the powerful pills prescribed to her late dad to treat his Alzheimer's disease brought