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Little wonder then, that just before a general election, it has been politically expedient to shine the 'cover up spotlight' on a battered, bruised and demoralised police service.
The City lawyer who was forced to resign as chair of the government's child sexual abuse inquiry, has been made a Dame, prompting
For Cameron to say, in response to the Wanless report, "It is important that it says that there wasn't a cover-up. Some of the people who've been looking for conspiracy theories will have to look elsewhere" seems astonishingly callous and shows little respect for survivors.
Theresa May has apologised following the resignation last week of the second chairwoman of the inquiry into historical allegations
The Government is facing a search for a new head for the inquiry into historical child sex abuse after the chairwoman announced
The head of the inquiry into historic child sex abuse is to step down after a barrage of criticism from victims. Fiona Woolf
Fiona Woolf's position as chair of the Government inquiry into historical child sex abuse appeared increasingly at risk today
Fiona Woolf faced fresh pressure about her role at head of a Government inquiry into child abuse after the chairman of an
London has always been a crucible for the development of great ideas, innovations, partnerships and products. If we are to put this creative energy to its best use and to balance competing demands, we must attract the best human capital and ensure that our talent pool is as wide as it possibly can be.
As only the second female Lord Mayor since 1187, I found International Women's Day on Saturday 8 March an important opportunity to reflect on how attitudes towards gender and diversity have changed over the 106 years since it was first held, and to look to the future to see the challenges that still need to be tackled.