Anger as HuffPost UK finds 794 fire-risk buildings need "waking watches" – costing each flat owner up to £1,500 a month.
When shows like Love Island roll out every offensive cliché possible, it reinforces the misconception that firefighting is a male only job
Following an incident as traumatic as Grenfell, much of the battle is in the repercussions during the aftermath. Mental health has been a huge topic in the past few years and has also been a valued subject in the Brigade, never more so than now. I have found the network of support offered by the Brigade as well as volunteers from our communities, overwhelming. This professional service has faced cuts recently but the quality of care from the counsellors that remain is fantastic. I would advise anyone that has faced a traumatic incident to take up the offer of a session. You stand to lose nothing but gain a lot. Remember, it's OK not to be OK.
This cool little Segway-esque machine could one day save your life. Working alongside human firefighters its makers hope
A firefighter has died while on a training exercise at an Olympics watersports venue. Alan Soard, 38, from Lowestoft, Suffolk