fireman sam

Just as girls need to see that they can grow up to fight fires, build things, and fight crime, boys need to see that they can grow up to be teachers, full-time parents, or even just occasionally vulnerable.
He's subsequently faced some criticism for trivialising issues relating to gender identity.
They've ruled that Sam is still the hero next door.
Ofcom have ruled that they won’t be investigating an episode of ‘Fireman Sam’, in which some viewers complained a character
An episode of ‘Fireman Sam’ has been pulled as it appears to show a character stepping on a page of the Quran. Episode seven
In the midst of Halloween and bonfire night fun, the guys over at Fireman Sam have launched Sam's Safety Month - a safety
We've had the build up.
Have you ever wondered how Doctor Who or Postman Pat would vote? Of course you have. How do we know? Because polling firm