first day of school

I thought of him constantly throughout the day. How is he getting on? Did he bother to eat lunch? Has he made friends? At quarter past three I was to get my answers but as he walked out and I prepared myself to hit him with every imaginable enquiry a parent could make, he simply declared "it's ok Dad you can drive home, I'm walking back with my mates." Perfect, I thought.
My eldest starts school in a few days time and I must admit I'm surprised by my own reaction to it. I'm stilling rooting for being dry eyed at the gate but I can't count on it!
The uniform has been carefully purchased, washed and ironed to an inch of its life and the painful task of labelling the whole flipping thing is finally done.The time has come at last time for the new school year and the kids are FINALLY back at school! I can feel your excitement from here.
I've made it! Three kids have learned to eat, walk, use a toilet, quote Princess Bride, and talk in thick Boston accents (R's are hawd to say, ok?) under my tutelage. But now they are someone else's responsibility from 9am until 3pm.
I started questioning whether the school was right for us. I was gobsmacked. After all that agonising, all that thought, I couldn't believe we might have got it wrong. Perhaps the new direction the school was taking wasn't right for us?
I've whipped myself into a panic with all the chat about kids being 'school ready' going on at the moment. What does that even mean? Separating from me, focusing on a task and sitting still? Good luck with that, teachers.
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