first past the post

We can’t yet know the full impact of illicit influence or foreign intervention in that election. But we do know that the system offers the perfect environment for any such attempts
The United Kingdom is the only democracy in Europe to use First Past the Post (FPTP) to elect its MPs
It's time to bring how we vote into line with how people want to vote, to give the public a democracy that can reflect all voices, and to make every vote count. It's more clear than ever that voters have changed. Now the system needs to change too.
Every vote for a Green candidate sends a signal that this is what we want. We want to do politics differently. We want a government that believes the best way forward is by working with each other rather than against each other. One that puts the rights of citizens above those of corporations, which ensures that nobody is left behind.
There's been a lot of talk the past few years of an America that is becoming deeply polarised. An electoral system which has just delivered one side victory without winning the most votes can only entrench divisions and drive Americans further apart due to the sense among some voters that the winner lacks legitimacy. This is dangerous for America and a product of an electoral system that is sorely out of date and in need of modernisation.
Last week, three Labour MPs did something that takes courage. In calling for Labour to stand aside in Richmond Park, they
South Africa's broken voting system (the same one we still use in the UK) gave them a government that did not have majority support and ultimately gave them a racist system of oppression that lasted for over 40 years.
It's time politicians from all parties woke up to the need for a fairer voting system. First Past the Post is hurting our democracy - and now we've discovered it's a financial disaster, too.
In a straightforward battle of first past the post versus proportional representation, voters will make their decision based on self-interest. The tyranny of the majority, and thus the first past the post system, will inevitably prevail, as it did so convincingly in the 2011 referendum.
She also said that she would make common cause with any party which wants reform, including Ukip. Mr Carswell kept his seat
When we voted against electoral reform 4 years ago, we made a choice that silenced the potential voices of millions of people. That's not democracy. In order to reclaim it for the people, we need electoral reform, not a new Prime Minister.
As much as we're all fed up of the election campaigns, these will be the rosy, perfumed days of contentment we look back on when the screaming about who has a right to form a government really takes up in earnest in about two days' time...
When the electoral system can no longer deliver on its main purported advantage (strong single-party government), then it's rapidly heading towards time to start dividing up the power a bit more evenly.
It's not your vote that really makes a difference. It's your actions in the five years between each vote that are important.