first time mum

It's weird because I said when he was tiny that I'd never be a convenience food mum but Harry's forced my hand somewhat. Learning to be adaptable and going with the flow is a huge part of being parent to a toddler and as anyone in the same position will know, sometimes it's just about picking your battles and whatever gives everyone an easier life.
If you are wondering how you're going to get to the end of the day, know that other mums are wondering too. If you are wishing for time away, and feeling guilty about that, know that other mums are wishing for the same. If you are feeling that an essential part of you, the very core of you, has been lost, know that other mums are feeling that too. They might not say it, but they are. You, and they, are heroes.
Despite the plethora of books, articles and classes meant to prepare you for motherhood, why are the first weeks such a shock? Here's what I wish I'd known.
Don't feel alone. Being a mum makes you part of the biggest group in the world. There are many support groups out there for mums, be it official support groups or mums meeting up for coffee. Mums welcome other mums - fact!
There is no woman out there who has gone through the life changing and shit scary ordeal of bringing a tiny human, kicking and screaming into the world that can hand on heart say they have not thought at least once that they are losing their mind whether it be the result of one of "those" days or the early signs of post natal illness.