first time voters

Young people are the leaders of the next generation, the young minds of the future. Yet it appears that with every election, the number of young people registering to vote is consistently declining.
The political system currently fails to accommodate them; by ensuring young people do have a voice, it can force the political party and politicians to stop paying lip service to them and start better redressing their interests.
At BBC Radio 5 live we wanted to find out more about why we make the choices we do, so we came up with #MyFirstElection. It's not just about first-time voters either, but how our priorities can alter after a big life change. Maybe it's the first time voting as a parent, as someone who's unemployed, or as a homeowner. This time around many of us are going back to basics to work out who's best placed to help us live the life we want to lead.
Most young people eligible to vote in the European and local elections stayed at home, despite being far more likely to be
From the student sit-ins to the poll tax riots, politics was once the domain of the young and angry. But in 2010, just 44