first world war centenary

A few years back I was struck by the regular reports of British casualties in Afghanistan. While those killed were mourned and commemorated, at times the wounded seemed to be little more than numbers that were soon forgotten.
The first days of August 1914 saw a series of declarations of war between the Great Powers of Europe. One hundred years later, the first days of August 2014 saw a series of commemorations, in which allies and enemies came together to acknowledge the sacrifice and devastation of World War One...
The "balance fallacy" in the commemorations of the First World War means we forget the real reason millions died. "There
Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry paid a visit to one of the most ambitious and complex art projects to mark
The Duchess of Cornwall joined senior politicians tonight for a service of solemn commemoration at Westminster Abbey. Key
Homes around the UK have dimmed their lights to remember those that perished in the brutality of the First World War. Many
War must always represent the abject failure of humanity, the head of the Anglican church in Ireland said. Archbishop of
Aside from the human carnage of the First World War, animals were also recruited into military service performing a variety
As the country marks the centenary of Britain entering the First World War, these pictures show re-enactors being showered
Tonight, as we remember the point 100 years ago when the British Empire formally entered the First World War, the lamps will go out once again. Across the country millions of people will turn off the lights in their homes, businesses and public buildings, taking a moment to reflect on the dire events that were unfolding a century ago.