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Fine dining restaurant Orwells completely changed its identity to get through lockdown, with the help of Square’s digital tools.
Promotional feature from Square
Overfishing and climate change are contributing to a depletion in global fish stocks.
On National Fish and Chip Day, we need to talk about how we make sure the British classic isn't contributing to our environmental crisis.
It seems that the loved-up have lost their interest in traditional chocolates and red roses for Valentine’s Day, as shops scramble to come up with the next strange food combo to show that you’re in love. But if M&S’s Love Sausage doesn’t quite do it for you, you can now get a fish and chip bouquet for your sweetheart.
It'll join the ever-growing range of vegan food products we have at our fingertips.
"Fish and chips, curry, Chinese, kebab or pizza. Seaborne Freight certainly have plans to take away our money."
It was all to raise awareness of the levels of plastic in our oceans 🌊
As it's revealed four in 10 people believe multiculturalism has undermined British culture.
A fish and chip shop in a small seaside town in Scotland has been named in Lonely Planet as the best the UK. But what makes it so good?
Many people have highlighted the irony that the international trade minister isn’t too clued up on trade that’s taken place
Why buy the frozen variety when you can make your own fresh and delicious fish fingers at home! The perfect snack, these fish fingers are best served with my zingy tartare sauce. The sea bass can be swapped for any of your favourite white fish. You could even put them in a sandwich!
The best fish and chip shop in Britain has been announced in the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards - right in time for your