Fish Recipes

This is quite a retro dish but it's so good I think it's due a renaissance. Flaky, juicy fish, combined with spinach and the fresh pop of tomatoes, blanketed in a smoky, cheesy sauce, topped off with a crisp thatch of breadcrumbs. Heavenly. Yes, rather an over-use of adjectives there, but I think they're justified.
I've been longing to make nasturtium butter ever since I read about it in a Jane Grigson book and have been waiting impatiently for the nasturtiums to flower. In the end I raided the gardens of a couple of friends as our plants were slow to oblige.
Most of us don't eat enough fish. The UK government guidelines say (and I know we don't trust them after they cut our recommended booze allowance, but still) we should eat two helpings per week, one of which should be an oily fish. This is a good place to start.
I'm trying to eat more fish, partly because it's good for you, partly because I'm trying to lose weight but mostly because it's delicious. I'm not sure this one qualifies for the dieting category as it contains loads of butter, but it tastes light, which is good enough for me (and probably explains why my diets always fail). Don't let that put you off though.
This is a great way to cook sea bream because the fat from the fish melts into the potatoes and makes them taste delicious, as well as giving them a lovely colour and crisp texture. Sea bream is of course best when it is wild but farmed gilt head bream is very good, affordable and easy to get hold of. Have a great week!
After a busy week at work, the last thing you want to do is spend hours slaving away in front of a hot cooker. So, to help
Prepped in five minutes, cooked in less than 10, this is a super-quick supper dish that still packs loads of flavour.
Do you love cooking and eating fish but live quite a distance away from a fish shop? ... there are secrets to extending the 'freshness' of fish for as long as possible. You can keep getting the healthy benefits from fish even when you live far from the seaside.
The tomatoes will add lots of flavour but will also keep the fish juicy and their sweetness and acidity will complement the fish. Do not squeeze lemon on the fish though - it will clash with the tomatoes.
This is a great way to eat really fresh seabass. Try cut the fish a thin as you can because if it is too thick it becomes a bit unpalatable. The addition of the tomatoes and chilli helps cut the richness of the raw fish. Try and avoid using lemon juice because the tomatoes have enough acidity and adding lemon would kill the delicious subtle flavour of the seabass.
This is a perfect summer main course or starter dish. The combination of the tomatoes cooked with the sweet scallops and monkfish with a few capers is delicious.
This is a lovely spring recipe, particularly if you use the tail of the sea bass like we do in the restaurant. You don't have to, of course, but if you're buying filleted fish it should be cheaper than the middle cut.
This is a really hearty fish stew that can be prepared beforehand as long as you cook the fish at the last minute; perfect for a dinner party or for someone special. The beauty about this dish is that the fish is cooked at the last minute so it's cooked perfectly and by making the base you get massive amounts of flavour. Serve with a glass of Fallengina and have a good weekend!
This is a very tasty pasta dish because of the sweet tasting red mullet and cherry tomatoes. The addition of the black olives add a saltiness that works really well. The pangratto adds a crunch that makes the whole dish very appetising.
This hearty, flavoursome dish is a great treat for the weekend and because everything is cooked in one pan, all the flavours are absorbed into the potatoes - and washing up is kept to a minimum!
This dish is so quick and simple to make - the foil parcel is a great trick and cooks fish perfectly creating a delicious sauce.
Spread on fresh, crusty bread, this simple smoked fish pâté recipe is the perfect summer picnic accompaniment and takes just
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